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"How To Make A Fortune In Real Estate"

No other field of investment has created more millionaires than Real Estate. It has and always will continue to generate large sums of money for those who participate in it.

The best part about real estate investing is that it is open to everyone. A little effort, knowledge and determination is all that is required to become highly successful. It isn't much compared to the money (or the millions of dollars) that one can make starting with such a small investment.

I'm sure you've heard someone say, "If only I had bought that house 10 years ago I could have been rich today." But it's never too late to buy property. 10 or 20 years from now people will still be saying the same thing! So the time to buy property is NOW because 10 years from now is always too late. If you start buying property now, in a few short years you could be rich instead of thinking about how rich you could've been.

True Story

As a young man, Allan Crane from Detroit, MI, saved $4,000 which he invested in real estate. He used the money as a down-payment on a run-down two story building. He took his time and fixed up the property on his own, painting the interior, adding some landscaping and making the basement into a separate apartment. After a short time, he had converted the entire house into eight separate rental units.

He rented each unit and used the income he saved as a down-payment on another piece of property within 90 days. By buying distressed properties, fixing them up and renting them out, he had made his first million dollars in combined equity and income, all in less than 2 years from the time he had begun.

Another Case History

Henry Miller of Brooklyn, NY, took his life savings of $3,400 and used it for a down-payment on a small apartment house. The seller agreed to finance the rest. The owner had neglected the property and it's condition had deteriorated. Henry did not have the funds to complete the repairs, so he placed an ad in a local newspaper and brought in two partners. The partners invested the additional money to make the necessary repairs and upgrades to the building.

In less than 60 days from the time he purchased it, the building was completely restored and all apartments were rented. The investors were making a 20% return on their investment. With his profits, Henry was able to purchase two more apartment houses. He followed the same formula and in a few short years he too had made his first million dollars.

But what makes real estate such an explosive investment? It is a powerful combination of property appreciation (supply and demand), equity build-up, consistent monthly rental income, numerous tax benefits of ownership and the ability to start and expand using little or no cash investment. This is indeed a powerful combination.

These examples happen everyday all across the country. Millions of dollars are being made not only through single and multi-family homes and apartment houses, but also through commercial property. These are not unique situations or extraordinary individuals. These are normal, everyday people just like you and I who had one thing in common . . . they had the desire to make it happen.

Finding Bargain Properties

There are many ways to locate property for sale which require little or no investment. They can be found in newspaper ads, apartment owner's associations, local banks, mortgage lenders and Realtors just to name a few. Finding property is not difficult although there are specific steps to follow for determining which properties would be the best investment.

One of the best ways to become successful in real estate is by using other people's money. Using other people's money not only benefits you, but also benefits the lenders and investors. The proper use of this type of leverage can quickly increase a person's net worth.

This is one of the key elements which makes real estate such a dynamic investment while being totally secured by the existing property. It is this valuable security which makes real estate the best investment on earth. Never shy away from using other people's money. Instead, realize that leverage is a powerful tool that can quickly multiply a person's net worth.

The opportunity to profit from real estate investing is wide open and available to anyone with a desire to achieve real wealth and security.

Fortunately there are proven formulas that can make real estate highly profitable while side-stepping the pitfalls. Applying the knowledge and experience of professionals allows you to jump the learning curve with the confidence and skills needed to be successful. This valuable information is now available in one complete and reliable source.

"The Secrets of Real Estate Acquisition and Funding" has been specially designed as an easy-to-follow guide for investmenting success. The information contained in this program will give anyone with the desire, the keys to unlock the incredible wealth that real estate can provide. See for yourself how easy it is to follow a proven formula and start your own profitable business as a successful real estate investor.

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