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Real Estate Investing
Earn a Fortune with Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Foreclosures! Discover a Blueprint for Wealth that creates an instant income and financial independence.
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Investors Resource Center

[Investment Resources]

Real Estate Investing - Earn a Fortune with Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Foreclosures! Discover a Blueprint for Wealth that creates an instant income and financial independence. [learn more].

Real Estate Investing Depot - Web Directory of Real Estate Investing Resources - courses, books, tapes, software and services. Learn how to Make Money by Investing in Real Estate. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned investor looking for real estate investing courses, manuals, software and services, you will find it here. [learn more].

[Free Reports]

8 Steps to No Money Down Real Estate Wealth - There are numerous ways to gain control of and profit from the sale of real estate. With no cash down payment requirements, no mortgages or credit checks, it is an excellent way for anyone to begin investing in real estate risk free [learn more].

How To Make A Fortune In Real Estate - Using a powerful combination of property appreciation (supply and demand), equity build-up, consistent monthly rental income, numerous tax benefits of ownership and the ability to start and expand using little or no cash investment makes real estate an explosive investment [learn more].

Lease purchasing your way to wealth! - How To Invest in Real Estate and Make Money using Leverage.... Instead of Cash! [learn more].

[Investment Software]

SharkBait - Foreclosure Investment Software System for Calculating Property Equity and Profit [learn more].

Propvest - Comprehensive Real Estate Investment software analyzes virtually every financial variable that you should know before you make any real estate decision, purchase, sale, investment, or improvement [learn more].

[Loan Resources]

C-Loans On-Line Commercial Mortgage Application System - 4-minute on-line loan application. More than 700 nationwide commercial mortgage lenders participate in the C-Loans System, including several life insurance companies, numerous big banks, eight major conduits, and even two REIT's. The system also has a number of hard money lenders for C deals and bridge loans too [learn more].

iEmergencyLoans.com - Get your paycheck cash advance loan the best way possible. Fast, convenient and on-line paycheck cash advance loans. They provide short term cash advance paycheck loans when you need them most. Approval takes only minutes. Even with bad, slow or no credit, iEmergencyLoans.com can put cash in your checking account today! [learn more].

iHomeMortgages.com - Quick and easy online mortgage applications for those with either good or bad credit histories. iHomeMortgages.com can help find the right lending program whether the applicant is buying or refinancing [learn more].

[Credit/Debt Resources]

CreditAttorney.com - Credit Restoration Service - Very efficient in removing negative items from customers credit reports. Their service is designed to offer consumers an affordable and equitable recourse to the increasingly negligent and abusive practices of the credit bureaus and their credit reporting processes [learn more].

iCreditReports.com - A credit monitoring service offering a FREE credit report, 3-Bureau Online Credit Report with Credit Score, and more [learn more].

iCreditSearch.com- An online resource for those individuals with poor or no credit that allows them to learn which credit cards they will qualify for based on the individual's credit history and circumstance [learn more].

iDebtAssistance.com - A debt management program that allows users to consolidate unsecured debt into one manageable payment. Many customers will realize substantial reduction in both the amount of interest they pay and their monthly payments [learn more].

[Legal/Business Resources]

The Company Corportation - Incorporate your business online! The Internet's Original Online Incorporating Service. Serving Entrepreneurs since 1899 [learn more].

LexingtonLaw.com - Lexington is a law firm specializing in repairing credit reports. They have helped over 80,000 Americans repair their credit reports by removing inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable information. From bankruptcies to charge-offs to tax liens, they have challenged virtually every credit problem under the sun and deleted over 600,000 such items to date [learn more].

iLaws.net - iLaws.net offers pre paid legal plans that provide access to justice for individuals and families. Their plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind. Have you ever wanted legal advice on a credit matter? Have you ever wanted legal assistance with the purchase of a home? For less than a dollar a day, you can protect yourself and your family's legal rights [learn more].


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